Coaches are witnessing an increase in injuries including muscle imbalances, weak feet, lower back issues, knee alignment, poor posture, and numerous hip problems due to the lack of strength in the stabilizer muscles. These are the small muscles that protect your spine, align your joints and keep the larger muscle groups functioning properly.

Calalta has asked Stephanie Davis to create a truly amazing program that will incorporate tai chi, meditation, physical literacy, gymnastics, and hip hop classes that are going to inspire, strengthen, and motivate your skaters.  In addition, they will be having fun!

Tai chi will give the skaters a good warm up and the opportunity to understand the tensions of the body and the importance of the balance of your centre.  Physical literacy is the catch phrase of the basic fundamental movements needed for all kids independent of what sport they are doing.  Gymnastics is important for teaching skaters how to strengthen their bodies with their own body weight while challenging their balance and coordination.  Hip hop is a great activity for the skaters to let loose.  Skating is performance based and all skaters need to learn to move with music in front of an audience.  Meditation is a time for the skaters to cool down, focus on their breath and bring their mind to their body.  It will be a moment for the athletes to be still for once!

This holistic approach to training will be an exciting, ground breaking opportunity for all skaters at Jimmie Condon to become better athletes and better skaters!

Stephanie Davis

Authentic Pilates certified with Romana Kryzanowska
Myofascial Stretch Technique certified with Stretch to Win
Studied Functional Movement Patterns with Gray Cook

Stephanie Davis has been training athletes for over 8 years. She was certified in an intensive 700 hour course in Authentic Pilates at the Pilates center of Seattle. Stephanie initially started teaching Pilates to figure skaters and soon branched out to other athletes including rowers, equestrian riders, football players and hockey players. Clients include National Team figure skaters Amanda Billings and Vaughn Chipeur, National Team rower Marilyn Taylor, Calgary Stampeders Henry Burris and Jeff Pilot, and NHL hockey players Theron Fluery, Martin Gelinas, Rhett Warrener, Cassie Campbell, Jason Labarbara, Devan Dubnyk, and Joe Coburn.

Stephanie has branched out her training to include myofascial stretch technique where she studied under experts Ann and Chris Fredrick in Phoenix. With this technique, Stephanie can increase mobility in the manipulated joints and help with increased flexibility.

In addition, Stephanie went to the US to study Functional Movement patterns with Gray Cook which helps in training athletes and preventing injury.

Stephanie’s contact information is [email protected] and phone 403-701-4330. Please contact her for more information.

 Cody Berglind –  HIP HOP Instructor

Born in Calgary, Cody started his training with the Youth Singers of Calgary at the age of 7 and was a members of the Professional Training Program at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks. Cody co-founded illFX Entertainment and has performed with such professional companies as Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Groove Academy, 49th Parallel Dance Company, Shine Ensemble, Calaway Live and danced for International Platinum recording artist Raghav. Cody has been in the media with Calgary Herald, CTV, CityTV, Global, TSN, and the Calgary Sun.  Cody has traveled to Australia, New York, Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton to continue his training in Urban Dance and continues to teach in schools and studios sharing his passion and love of dance and performance.

Nicole Libin – Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Educator

Nicole Libin, Ph.D. brings both great passion and expertise to her teaching. She has been practicing mindfulness meditation since 2006 and teaching since 2011. Her doctorate in Religious Studies allows her to offer a unique perspective on mindfulness meditation, incorporating a variety of traditions and approaches to her teaching. She has trained with the Mindful Schools program, The Meditation Initiative, and has completed the UMass Center for Mindfulness Professional Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training in Mind-Body Medicine with Jon Kabat-Zinn. She is a member of the Dedicated Practitioners Dharma Program through the Calgary Insight Meditation Society.

Nicole has experience working with adults, adolescents and children, prenatal groups, and professionals.

Nicole encourages students to find what works for them, recognizing that one path does not fit everyone. She focuses on inspiring students to trust their own wisdom and find stillness in their bodies, hearts, and minds.

Uschi Donaleshen  – Gymnastics Coach

 Uschi has over 30 years of experience working with preschool to competitive athletes. Her coaching career and education began in Europe with the German Gymnastics Federation.  Earning all the coaching degrees available through the German Federation, Uschi was able to work with the Provincial Head Coaches and conducted clinics for both athletes and coaches. After moving to Canada her focus shifted to the recreational program.

Spencer Hunt– Gymnastics Coach

Spencer has worked at CGC for the last 6 years. He began coaching here as a student while attending the University of Calgary where he attained a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. Growing up Spencer played every sport imaginable but his primary focus was hockey. While in University he split his time between coaching gymnastics and working as a Strength and Conditioning coach. He ultimately found his passion in working with young children and helping them develop into strong and confident individuals in and out of the gym.

Kelly Erdman – Nutritionist

Erdman began working at the CSI Calgary in 1994, paving the way in the field of sports nutrition. An Olympian in track cycling, Erdman continues to be aligned with the CSI Calgary, working predominantly with the speed skating team and Hockey Canada as the lead dietitian for both the women’s and sledge hockey programs and consulting with the men’s team. She also consults with a variety of sports including luge, heptathlon, and nordic skiing.




Sunday Stroking & Off Ice

2019-2020 Sunday Stroking & Off Ice Dates


8-9 am Jr & Int Stroking

9-10 am Sr & Elite Stroking

9:15-10 am HP, Jr & Int Off Ice

10:15-11:15 am Jr Comp, Sr & Elite Off Ice

  • September 8, 15, 22
  • October 6, 20, 27
  • November 10, 17, 24
  • December 1, 15
  • January 5, 12, 19, 26
  • February 2, 9, 23
  • March 8, 15, 22, 29
  • April 7
  • May 10, 24, 31
  • June 7, 14, 21


If the date is not listed above, both stroking and off ice sessions are cancelled.