Summer 2017 is Almost Here!

Summer 2017 is almost here!

Please speak with your coach BEFORE you book on-line!

A few details for summer registration at Calalta:

  1. Summer starts on Monday July 3 and will go for seven weeks. Ice dance will be on a slightly different schedule which will be shared by the Ice Dance coaching team;
  2. We can only do weekly packages – not daily;
  3. Calalta reserves the right to move skaters to balance out the sessions (based on the number of kids and the skill level) for Competitive 1 and Competitive 2 packages.  It is advised that you speak to your coach PRIOR to registering online!
  4. Freeskate sessions and stroking a must be booked by the week – not the day;
  5. All registration must go through Calalta’s Uplifter system at
  6. Upon registration, you will need to pay the GST for the sessions you have booked. On June 1, you will be required to pay the remainder of your invoice via your credit card;
  7. Medical refunds are available. Please ensure you have a doctor’s note and a week’s absence prior to contacting the office – this makes it easier and quicker for the office to process the refund;

Important Dates for Summer 2017

Wednesday July 12

Jimmie Condon

Stampede BBQ

11:30-2:00 pm

Friday August 4

No Sessions

Wildrose Competition

Monday August 7

No Sessions

Long Weekend

Join us for Wacky Wednesdays at Jimmie Condon

Prizes Awarded

July 5: Crazy Hair Day July 19: Nifty Nails Day July 26: Jammie Day
Stay tuned for more contests such as most revs in a sit spin, most axels in a row and more!


Jimmie Condon Pre-Novice-Novice & Junior: Competitive-1-Summer-2017

Jimmie Condon Juvenile & 1st Year Pre-Novice:Competitive-2-Summer-2017

Jimmie Condon Afternoons:    STAR-Camp-2017                    Fully supervised!

Jimmie Condon Afternoons:  _Star 3-4-5 to Pre-Juvenile Summer 2017

Edge: Dance-Novice-Junior-Summer-2017

Edge: Dance-Pre-Juv-to-Pre-Nov-Summer-2017