Challenge Wrap Up

The 2015/2016 Skate Canada Challenge was an eventful weekend for everyone! The event wrapped up on December 6 and was a smashing success for Calalta!

Competition Background

For those new to the figure skating world here’s a bit of background:

The International Skating Union is the governing body for figure skating world wide.

Each country has their own organization and Skate Canada is our national governing organization.

Each province is represented by a Section – or make up a part one. BC is paired with the Yukon; Alberta has North West Territories and Nunavut; and Ontario has 4 sections (it’s a big province after all).

Each of these sections has their own Championships (also known as Sectionals).

The top 4 skaters in each event from each section, from Pre-Novice and up through to Senior (male and female, singles, pairs and dance) advance through to Challenge (the semi-finals).

Quebec is the only province that gets to send their top 8.

Challenge was held in Edmonton last weekend and over 500 skaters from across Canada attended!

The top 18 skaters for Singles, top 12 Pairs, and top 15 Dance Teams, from Novice through to Senior, then advance to the Canadian National Championships which are being held in Halifax in January 2016.

Skaters who perform well at Nationals may get selected to represent Canada in various events including the Junior Grand Prix Series, Grand Prix Series and if it is an Olympic year, might get the chance to represent Canada in the Olympics.

The Pre-Novice Level skaters do not advance to Canadians – which is why we can say that Shay-Lyn Jackson and Josh Venema are the new Bronze Medal Canadian Champions in Pre-Novice Pairs! A big congratulations to Shay and Josh!

How did our club do?

Calalta was very well represented – we started by sending 86 skaters to Sectionals that were held in early November.

Of these, 28 qualified to go to Challenge (they were in the top 4 in their respective events) and of these 28, 14 skaters made it through and will represent Alberta at the National Championships in Halifax in January!

Congratulations to the following skaters who will be heading to the Canadian National Championships!!

Junior Women
Nicole Joe

Novice Men – Alternate
Yujin Armstrong

Junior Men
Kurtis Schreiber

Senior Men
Dustin Sherriff Clayton

Novice Pairs
Kurtis Schreiber & Katrina Lopez

Junior Pairs
Davin Portz & Keelee Gingrich
Bryce Chudak & Bryn Hoffman

Novice Dance
Janine Rho & Vali Baimoukhametov
Natasha Collier & Malcolm Kowan
Jessica Behiel & Jackson Behiel

Novice Dance – Alternate
Jolie Che and Kyle Pearson