Springbank Fall Freeze!

Calalta skaters had a wonderful presence at the Springbank Fall Freeze Competition hosted by Springbank Figure Skating Club.

See the detailed results published on the Skate Canada AB/NWT/NUN site.

Thank you to our roving club photographers and parents, for capturing these photos on behalf of the club.

There were some medal finishes and personal bests – from Star Level skaters to Pre Novice. Congratulations everyone – skaters and coaches! And keep competing!

Here is a montage of photos from the weekend! For more photos, please visit our facebook site!



Congratulations – Calalta Skaters going to Challenge!

A huge congratulations to all Calalta skaters who will be competing at the Skate Canada Challenge event in Edmonton, AB (December 2-6, 2015).

Good luck everyone! We are cheering you on!


Pre-Novice Women Michelle Wong Calalta FSC
Pre-Novice Men Jackson Behiel Calalta FSC
Pre-Novice Pair Shaylyn Jackson/Josh Venema Calalta FSC/Calalta FSC
Pre-Novice Dance Pearl Kang/Cael Elford Calalta FSC/Calalta FSC
Isabel McQuilkin/
Jacob Portz
Calalta FSC/Calalta FSC
Mia Saunders/
William Oddson
Calalta FSC/Huntington Hills SC
Novice Men Yu Jin Armstrong Calalta FSC
Novice Pair Katrina Lopez/
Kurtis Schreiber
Calalta FSC/Calalta FSC
Novice Dance Natascha Collier/
Malcolm Kowan
Calalta FSC/Calalta FSC
Janine Rho/
Vali Baimoukhametov
Calalta FSC/Calalta FSC
Jolie Che/Kyle Pearson Huntington Hills SC/
Calalta FSC
Jessica-Lee Behiel/
Jackson Behiel
Calalta FSC/Calalta FSC
Junior Women Bryn Hoffman Calalta FSC
Nicole Joe Calalta FSC
Junior Men Kurtis Schreiber Calalta FSC
Josh Venema Calalta FSC
Junior Pair Bryn Hoffman/
Bryce Chudak
Calalta FSC/Calalta FSC
Keelee Gingrich/
Davin Portz
Calalta FSC/Calalta FSC
Senior Men Dustin Sheriff-Clayton Calalta FSC



Upcoming Seminars (October – April)

And she’s back! Clare Fewster, (M. Counselling, CCC, Sport Performance Consultant
) will be joining Calalta again this year to instruct our senior and elite skaters in the fine art of mental toughness!

Sessions are held every two months on the following dates from 10:05 to 11:05 am at Jimmie Condon arena (Rose Kohn meeting room to be more specific) and are part of the Senior/Elite sessions.

October 18 – Mental Training 101
Clare will teach the basics of mental fitness and the impact of mental fitness on performance. Throughout this session, athletes will develop an awareness of their own mental fitness attributes and evaluate what their strengths and areas they may need to work on. They will begin to understand the interaction between the mind and the body and how their thoughts, feelings, and physiological responses impact their performance.

December 6 – Motivation and Goal Setting
Through this session, athletes will look at what drives them to train, to be challenged, and to compete. Through the experience of a simple goal setting exercise athletes will develop their goal setting skills and strategies that can enhance their motivation.

February 7 – Self-Talk and Imagery
By developing an awareness of what athletes are saying to themselves through training and competition, they can start to make positive changes to their self-talk. Through the understanding and development of imagery skills, athletes can improve their training and competition by utilizing visualization on a daily basis.

April 17 – Performance Anxiety, Relaxation and Activation
Athletes will develop an understanding of how their body responds to performance stress. Various relaxation and activation strategies will be discussed and demonstrated that can be incorporated directly into training and competition enhance performance.

Please note that these sessions are geared toward the senior and elite skaters that have registered in the Sunday Off Ice class at Jimmie Condon. Once per month, we have a seminar rather than an off ice class such as ballet, physical literacy or gymnastics.

If you have any questions, please call the office at 403-245-2425.

Stroking & Off Ice Dates

2015 – 2016

Sunday Stroking and Off Ice Dates

There is Stroking and Off Ice on these Sundays

September 6, 13, 20

October 4, 18, 25

November 15, 22, 29

December 6, 13, 20

January 10, 17, 24, 31

February 7, 21

March 6, 20

April 3, 10, 17

May 8, 15, 29

June 5, 12

There is NO stroking or Off-Ice on these Sundays:

September 28 (Canmore Competition)

October 11 (Thanksgiving)

November 1 (Day after Halloween)

November 8 (Sectionals Competition)

December 27 (Christmas Break)

January 3 (all other sessions are a go except Stroking and Off Ice)

February 14 (Family Day Long Weekend)

March 13 (Calgary Winter Invitational Competition)

March 27 (Easter)

May 22 (May Long Weekend)