Ice Dance Program – Calgary

Calalta’s Ice Dance program’s vision is to be a leading, Canadian training ground for young, competitive Ice Dancers in the Calgary area, regardless of club and coach affiliation.

The mission of the program is to identify young athletes who have potential in dance and provide them with an opportunity for ice dance training. The in-depth training program includes skills training, sport–specific skills, suppleness, stamina and strength training by way of on ice and off ice sessions, ballet, ballroom, nutrition and sports psychology. These skaters will be well suited to consistently advance and demonstrate the core skills required to be competitive throughout various levels of competition in all disciplines.

The program currently features athletes ranging from Pre-Juvenile to Junior level competitors, each division requiring a variation of set pattern dances and free dances. These athletes train year-round primarily in the morning, while maintaining their individual skating and off ice programming in the evenings and on weekends.

Athletes come from around Alberta and across the country to be part of Calalta’s ice dance program.  Calalta’s ice dance program, led by Kim Weeks has a wealth of coaching talent to draw on! Chantelle Portz, Ben Westenberger and Tyler Myles (Associate Choreographer to Stars On Ice) help bring it all together and make Calalta’s ice dance the success it is!  Kim also draws upon talent of guest coaches to make for better and more well rounded teams


Calalta Gets Results!  


Isabel McQuilkin and Jacob Portz:

2019 Novice Canadian Bronze Medalists

2019 Novice Skatecanada Challenge Champions

2019 North American Challenge Cup Silver Medalists

2019 Canada Winter Games Novice Bronze Medalists

2020 Skatecanada NextGen Team Members


Amelia Boone and Malcolm Kowan

2018 Novice Canadian Bronze Medalists

2018 Novice Skatecanada Challenge Bronze Medalists

2019 Skatecanada NextGen Team Members


Jessica Behiel and Jackson Behiel

2017 Novice Canadian Bronze Medalists


Grace Pele and Joel Portz

2019 Pre-Novice Canadian Silver Medalists

2019 Canada Winter Games Pre-Novice Silver Medalists


Savanna Martel and Kobi Chant

2019 Pre-Novice Canadian Bronze Medalists

2019 Canada Winter Games Pre-Novice Bronze Medalists 


Mia Saunders and Will Oddson

2020 Novice Canadian Bronze Medalists

2018 Pre-Novice Canadian Bronze Medalists


Emma Yu and Daniel Yu

2020 Pre-Novice Canadian Gold Medalists

Calalta gets results! Every year Calalta sends skaters to Canadians and this year is no different.

For more information on Calalta’s ice dance program please contact Kim Slopak-Weeks at [email protected] or the office at [email protected].