Athlete Profile: Maja Husain

Calalta is proud to feature our athletes who have achieved distinction in our sport. As part of our Athlete Profiles feature, we are spotlighting our athletes who fall within either or both these categories:

  1. Podium winners at Skate Canada Sectionals, Challenge and/or National competitions
  2. Attained a spot on the Select or Junior Development Team at the provincial level.

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Athlete Profile: Maja Husain


Maja debuted at the Skate Canada AB/NWT/Nunavut Sectionals competition in November 2015 and won gold.

How old are you? 


Where do you go to school?
Calgary French & International School (CFIS)

How long have you trained at Calalta?

Since Fall 2012

What is your favorite jump/sequence?

I love jumping, they are all fun and all my favourites

How did you feel winning the Sectionals Champion for your group?

It was amazing, I was so happy and overjoyed. I felt very proud.

What do you hope to achieve this next season?

To be the 1st Juvenile girl to land a double axel in competition.

What other activities do you do, besides figure skating?

I still competitively dance (Ballet & Jazz); take gymnastics and play the piano and the tenor saxophone.

What do you do to chill out/unwind? sectionals2015

I like to play with and cuddle my dog Winnie.

Who is your figure skating inspiration? Why?

There are many skaters that inspire me such as Gracie Gold, Ashley Wagner, and Kaetlyn Osmond because they have all had to push through their individual challenges and still perform well.

Who is/are your role model(s)/favorite person/people? Why?  

My Mom and Dad because they are both really encouraging and supportive.
Also, all of my Calalta coaches as each one has helped coach and support me in different ways.

Have you got anything else to add?
This has been an amazing season!!!!