Athlete Profile: Jayden Johnson

Calalta is proud to feature our athletes who have achieved distinction in our sport. As part of our Athlete Profiles feature, we are spotlighting our athletes who fall within either or both these categories:

  1. Podium winners at Skate Canada Sectionals, Challenge and/or National competitions
  2. Attained a spot on the Select or Junior Development Team at the provincial level.

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Athlete Profile: Jayden Johnson



Battalion Park School.

Years at Calalta
Skating at calalta since I was 3 1/2 years old.

Favorite jump/sequence
Favourite jump Lutz but favourite combo Axel+Loop

Skating Achievements for 2015/16 season
My skating achievements are winning a silver medal in Pre-Juvenile U11 at AB Sectionals. Also becoming a member of the Jr Development team.
Silver medal at Sask. invitationals Pre Juvenile U11
Canmore invitationals Bronze medal Pre Juvenile U11
Wild rose Bronze medal Star 4
Sunsational Bronze medal Star 3

How do you feel about your achievements?
I feel happy about my accomplishments because it makes me feel like if I work hard I can do anything.

What do you hope to achieve this/next season?
This season I want to land my double Jumps. Also I want to win sectionals.

Activities besides figure skating?
Snowboarding, Tae Kwondo, Piano are other activities I am passionate about and do every week.

What do you do to chill out/unwind?
Play video games and play with my sister.

Who is your figure skating inspiration? Why?
Sean Sawyer is my inspiration. He is entertaining and fun to watch. He can do amazing tricks Also most importantly he looks like he is having a lot fun skating and I want to have fun skating.

Who is/are your role model(s)/favorite person/people? Why?
I look up to Iron man. He is my role model because he is smart, a scientist, rich and an engineer. He can solve any problem and look cool doing it. I want to be like him.

Social media
My Instagram is superjaydy

Anything to add?
I love my coaches Scott and Danielle. They help me follow my passion and encourage me everyday. They believe in me and support me. I am very thankful to have them in my life.

I want to thank Kim for teaching me dance and skills. I appreciate how much that helps me to look good doing my program.