Athlete Profiles: Torri Hollstein / Jason Xie

Calalta is proud to feature our athletes who have achieved distinction in our sport. As part of our Athlete Profiles feature, we are spotlighting our athletes who fall within either or both these categories:

  1. Podium winners at Skate Canada Sectionals, Challenge and/or National competitions
  2. Attained a spot on the Select or Junior Development Team at the provincial level.

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Athlete Profiles: Torri Hollstein / Jason Xie


Torri Holstein and Jason Xie were podium 1st place winners in Juvenile Ice Dance at Sectionals this season. This is the second time the couple participated at Sectionals. Congratulations on your achievements Jason and Torri!

Torri – 14, Jason – 15

Torri – Edge School, Jason – Dr EP Scarlett

Years at Calalta
Torri – since 2010, Jason – since 2014

Favorite elements
Torri – Lifts, Jason – Lifts, Waltz Jumps

Skating Achievements for 2015/16 season
Both – Alberta Juvenile Champions this year (2016), also part of the Junior Development team

How do you feel about your achievements?
Torri – Happy, Proud, made me feel so lively

Jason – Great, the achievements are things that I can feel good about after the hard work and effort.

What do you hope to achieve this/next season?
Torri – I hope we can win sectionals again next year, I also hope to make it to Challenge

Jason – Landing my double toe!

Activities besides figure skating?
Torri – Competitive Dance (Ballet/Jazz/Lyrical/MT), Snowboarding

Jason – Snowboarding, playing the piano

What do you do to chill out/unwind?
Torri – Hang out with my family, watch movies, hang with my friends

Jason – Sleeping lots

torri2Who is your figure skating inspiration? Why?
Torri – Tessa Virture and Scott Moir, they have been together for so long, never gave up, we so successful and such awesome skaters .

Jason – My coaches are my skating inspiration because they have helped me discover the joy of this sport

Who is/are your role model(s)/favorite person/people? Why?
Torri – Kim, Jaime Lyn, Mr. Ford, Ben W. And Tammi. Because they have made me the best skater I can be.

Jason – My role model is Mr. Ford because he has a great sense of humour.

Social media
Torri – Instagram – tik_tak_torri and Snapchat – torri_45

Anything else to add?
Torri – A big thank you to Jason for being a great friend and partner, and for dealing with my bossiness. 🙂
Jason – Big thanks to my partner Torri, there’s such great fun skating with you