Athlete Profiles: Sadie Nicholson/ Kobi Chant

Calalta is proud to feature our athletes who have achieved distinction in our sport. As part of our Athlete Profiles feature, we are spotlighting our athletes who fall within either or both these categories:

  1. Podium winners at Skate Canada Sectionals, Challenge and/or National competitions
  2. Attained a spot on the Select or Junior Development Team at the provincial level.

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Athlete Profiles: Sadie Nicholson/ Kobi Chant

kobiSadie and Kobi are members of the Ice Dance Junior Development Team. They competed at Sectionals in November 2015. Well done and congratulations for making the JD Team!

Sadie – 10, Kobi – 13

Sadie – Edge School, Kobi – Holy Trinity School, Olds, AB

Years at Calalta
Sadie – 5.5 years, Kobi – 3rd year

Favorite elements
Sadie – Rotational Lifts, Kobi – Paso Doble dance, Double loops and lifts!

Skating Achievements for 2015/16 season
Sadie – Competed at Juvenile Canmore Invitational & placed 3rd, Placed 4th at Sectionals. Also a dual discipline skater, Sadie competed in Pre-Juvenile U11.

Kobi – Placed 3rd in Juvenile Dance at Wild Rose Skating Competition and Canmore Invitational with my partner Sadie. Also got personal best on my singles in Juvenile U14 at Wild Rose and Canmore Invitational. Came in 4th place in Juvenile Dance at the 2016 Alberta Sectionals and earned a place on the Skate Canada Jr Development team. Passed all my Jr Silver Dances and just have one left to pass on my Sr Silver dances. Learned to do lifts and pairs spins and Twizzles!

How do you feel about your achievements?
Sadie – Proud for my first year competing in Ice Dance. Excited to learn more at Pre-Novice level and to continue to improve.

Kobi – I feel good because I like to keep improving every year and put a lot of work into doing my best and getting better each year.

What do you hope to achieve this/next season?
Sadie – Level 4 lift(s), clean twizzles & spins.

Kobi – I hope to move up to Pre Novice in dance and compete at the summer championships in Montreal as well as qualify to compete at Challenge in Montreal. I hope to work and succeed on harder lifts, spins and twizzles with my partner Sadie. In Singles I hope to land all of my double jumps in freeskate and master my mortal enemy the Camel Spin as well as have a personal best score at sectionals.

Activities besides figure skating?
Sadie – Skiing lots, biking, swimming.

Kobi – At school I am on the basketball, cross country and badminton teams. I enjoy playing the violin and taking ballroom dance classes.

What do you do to chill out/unwind?
Sadie – Hanging out with my friends, hot tub, meditate, listen to music, skiing with my family.

Kobi – Ripping across the field on my quad is my favorite way to unwind! I also enjoy playing farming simulator and hanging out with my friends at the pool.

Who is your figure skating inspiration? Why?
Sadie – Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir because they accomplished so much like Olympic Gold etc. They were so strong, graceful and fun to watch.

Kobi -I really admire Patrick Chan because he made it all the way to the Olympics winning medals along the way. He then took time off to go to University but now is back challenging himself to go the distance again. I am inspired by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, because not only are they great competitors but they also are awesome performers and give back to the younger skaters through their workshops.

Who is/are your role model(s)/favorite person/people? Why?
Sadie – My sister because she treats me so nice, teaches me things and is athletic. My Mom because she bakes yummy food. My whole family because they support my figure skating because they know I love it!

Kobi – Paul Ayer is definitely my role model and favorite person on the ice because he works so hard, has accomplished so much and is always helping out the younger ice dancers. Also, all my coaches because they encourage me to do better and reach my goals. Last but not least, my family because they support me in my skating journey and help me to do something I love so much.

Anything else to add?
Sadie – Please follow me on Instagram – sadienicholson2

Kobi – If you are lucky you might catch me smiling!! LOL!!!